Allison Williams Goes Full 'Get Out'

Allison Williams Goes Full ‘Get Out’

‘The Perfection’ promises murder, cellos and flesh-eating bugs.

Judging from our first look at the new Netflix horror film The Perfection, Allison Williams has found her type, and that type is scary, blank-eyed sociopath who torments people she is pretending to love.

After all, the frankly horrifying trailer for The Perfection sees Williams ostensibly revive her Get Out performance. In that Jordan Peele-directed film she played (spoilers, for a two-year-old film nobody has stopped talking about, I guess?) a fake concerned girlfriend who is secretly manipulating her partner.

In this one, she’s playing a fake concerned best friend who is secretly manipulating her chum in what seems like an elaborate plot to drive her stark raving bonkers.

Fun! Seems like the days when Williams was the BFF on Girls are way, way behind us then.

The trailer is refreshingly scant on details — it’s hard to glean almost anything plotwise from the mess of flesh-hungry bugs, blood splatters, concerned cello playing and shots of Williams’ staring right to the core of every human being unfortunate enough to cross paths with her. All the promo really gives a taste of is the vibe, and that vibe is: what if everything was so bad that madness was the only refuge?

Again: fun!

The Perfection hits our screens on a raft of good reviews — when it premiered at Fantastic Fest, a celebration of genre cinema, last year, it was described as a bonkers, semi-comic take on Whiplash, complete with added murder.

The Perfection hits Netflix on May 24, so get ready to be made exceedingly uncomfortable.

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