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Do you have ADHD? Find out in today’s test.

This test is designed to see if you are likely to be suffering from ADHD or not.

ADHD stands for – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Please do not self-diagnose yourself with this video, if you are concerned seek professional help!

I will be asking you 8 questions and you will answer YES or NO

The 8 questions are;

1. Do you often rush things and notice you make small mistakes?
2. Are you easily distracted?
3. During long conversations do you tune out or think about other things?
4. Do you jump straight into things without reading instructions?
5. Are you disorganized?
6. Do you avoid things that require a lot of focus?
7. Do you often lose or can’t find things?
8. Are you forgetful and lose track of what you are doing?

IF you scored less than 5 yes’s on then it is unlikely you are suffering from ADHD

IF you scored more than 5 yes’s then it is likely you are suffering from ADHD


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