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A Narcissist Test

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In this video I give everyone that is in a relationship with someone that may be a Narcissist a way to find out. Do what I say in this video and you will know, at the very least if they care about you.
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  • linda Cooper

    Hi I have just got out of my first narcissistic relationship I loved hearing your, so down to earth thank you I will take your advice and heal myself I will never repeat this again, the frustration and pain this guy caused in my life I will never let a person do that to me again keep talking your helping people

  • Amy Ashakova

    According to this test he is the King if narcissists. He would never even agree to meet with me, it would be too painful for him reminding him who he really is. Something will never be able to take. Blocking me was the only way for him to dive into illusion of not being him with a new supply.

  • BOV

    I swear I’ve heard these words. “I’m not going to fight with you” or “I never said that” or “I don’t have time for this”
    Unfuckingbelievable. Any shred of doubt I have that she’s a Narc certainly convinced me in these tests.

  • Dr Longus

    Sooo true!!!! My Covert Narc Borderline used to say "you're always putting me down" and give me the silent treatment for days or weeks no matter how nice I was about questionable situations. So good to be free of all that!

  • Sunshine Walker

    He never texted me back. He know he is dead wrong. He ain’t block me but he said, “I’m sorry. You have every reason to hate me. I don’t want you hurt or dead. I’m nothing. I need to get my $hit straight..I’m sorry. You deserve better..” .. it’s been a week w no closure, no real apologies. Nothing

  • Sarah Bailey

    I get where you’re coming from and it does apply to many but others that are obsessed with Marryibg you will actually tell you what you wanna hear And they’ll say oh you’re just a better person than me not that they change their behavior beyond a few days or a week..they may even suggest that they need to see a psychologist to find out what’s wrong with them.., its bs tho.. then eventually you’re done so you break up with them they refuse to move out of your apt so you have to bribe them by giving them money To fly home they go back to their ex immediately elope and then hit you up via email telling you oh we can be together I’ll let you move into a house I got in the divorce and actually admit that the only reason they married their ex was to get back at them for causing them drama and calling the cops on them for punching a wall and have a restraining order put on them and kicking them out of the condo they went in on together.. so he could get get their revenge and end it after buying up a bunch of Shit a second home or whatever end then break it off and take as much stuff that they could possibly get out of it. And then brag about this fact in an email a yr and a half later after the divorce settlement was over and let you know oh you can come stay with me but you have to quit your job if you do.. like I ever wanna see or talk to that Dick agAin especially when they just confirmed they aren’t just a narcissist but a sociopath who thinks that that would actually win me back into their life so they could get mattied to the one they really were crazy obsessed over.. because they do idealize over having the trophy wife and they think it’s owed to them.. that’s the only reason they marry beyond using someone for financial reasons… if they decide your the ultimate grade a supply and they’re super attracted to you obsessed with having sex with you and be envied by others… that’s the two reasons they marry them if they are quite oblivious to the fact that they are in fact a narcissist or sociopath and just focus in whatever is their end goal that they must achieve to gain what they believe they are entitled to and revengeful of these delusional self centered dicks probably even believe in their minds that they love you.. it’s the closest they’ll ever come to experiencing it but in reality they live attention from others and to impress people and they love it if you adored them and catered to them initially til you realize they aren’t who they presented themselves to be but quite the opposite.. then that’s ideal for them.. it’s all about image so a lot of them focus in that and they get lazy as they get older and don’t really wanna have to put in much effort to securing supply and they don’t wanna look like they aren’t a successful family man eventually like all their friends and fam so you fit a need they have to make it look like they have it all.. perfect wife kids job etc so everyone else can envy them cause they feel they should be the one who everyone envies not the other way around.. if it’s. A constant cycle of toxic repetitive behavior that you have to suffer being on the receiving end of over and over again and they alsways say they’ll change they’ll go to counseling etc but actually just love bomb you and make it appear that they have changed once you’re off their back and seem content then it happens all over again.. And nothing actually ever changes.. just lots of empty promises with Lil to no follow thru.. then you know after this happens on a reg basis with no real effort to truly change then that is a high indicator of a narcissist a sociopath etc and either way that’s not someone who you should focus your time attention and energy trying to plse or fix cause change is just not possible and it’s just a total waste of time to continue staying in that toxic dynamic with nothing substantial peaceful happy blessed equal or just.. if there’s a pattern of lil consistency then you know what you’re dealing with and it’s time to go.. some of these psychopath serial killers were seen and experienced by their wives or girlfriends as the ideal mate.. some are slick as hell and it’s all about how things look on the outside so that they can go live their vile secret perverse lives without getting caught.. some are virtually undetectable they have mastered the art of manipulation and making things appear a certain way when in fact they feel and act the opposite deep within and outside of their home life

  • Len Drury

    Dave you fucking nailed it bro. I tried to talk to her after another of her disappearance acts and she denied everything and she said why am I picking her apart and she said I don't want to fight and then she got up and left

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