7 Traits Most Common in People Who Cheat

7 Traits Most Common in People Who Cheat

It is tricky if not downright impossible to tell if a person is going to cheat on you. Most people discover their partner is cheating on them when they start showing the signs of infidelity. However, just because you can’t tell with a single look if your partner is a cheater doesn’t mean you can’t tell by their traits. Studies have been carried out that show the traits associated with or inherent in cheaters. Therefore, your partner is much more likely to cheat on you if he has one of these 7 most common traits:


A narcissist person is less likely able to empathise and puts their own sense of importance above everyone else. They, therefore, are less mindful of their partner’s feelings. If your partner is a narcissist they then might have no sexual empathy and will be more open to sexual entitlement and exploitation that may lead them to cheat. While the narcissism trait does not cause cheating, it is correlated to cheating as there is less care for the hurt that the partner will feel.

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If someone is overly secretive about their private or personal lives, then they are much more likely to engage in cheating or be already a cheater. Therefore, be wary if your partner has an intense sense of privacy as this means there are private activities that he does not want you to see or know about.


Cheaters have mastered the art of being vague to avoid mixing up their partners. For example, one tactic is to call you by a nickname such as “baby” as this reduces their chances of calling you by someone else’s name. Being vague about their dealings, using pet names and syncing their business dealings with personal lives allows them a better chance at not slipping up.

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While not all liars are cheaters, it is safe to say that all cheaters are liars. And pretty good liars at that. A cheater will offer false promises and even great excuses for not showing up of for failure to do something. They are rather adept at covering their tracks.


Cheaters project their own trust issues and insecurities on their partners. As such, they are most likely to act suspicious of you and your behaviour.

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Cheaters are anything but accountable. They will blame their behaviour on others and rationalize their actions both to bolster themselves and to make their partners doubt their intentions. They are very good at making others take the blame for their actions.


A cheater is more likely to have an impulsive nature as they are drawn to power, opportunity, and risk. This is often due to their sense of insecurity and hence try to make up for that by seeking to feel powerful and desired.

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