6 tips for getting your ideas across at work

6 tips for getting your ideas across at work

Narcissistic, broke and entitled. Empowered, fearless and progressive.

These adjectives describe one of the most talked about generations: the millennials. The millennial generation includes people born from 1981 to 1996 (between the ages of 22-37 this year.)

Many millennials are young professionals in various fields where their age group is a minority and the leadership is comprised of baby boomers and generation X-ers, who have differing life experiences and stereotypical traits that may conflict with those of a young millennial.

While millennials may be stereotypically defined as fearless and opinionated, many have difficulty expressing their opinions in a work-related setting where they are the youngest one in the room.

Here are some key tips for young professionals to get your ideas out in the board room.

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