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6 Signs A Narcissist Is Diminishing Your Sense Of Self

The key stages of healing after narcissistic abuse include rebuilding your identity and sense of self.

One of the most agonizing hurdles to overcome after dedicating so much energy to a narcissist is that we are left with a looming inability to derive the same enjoyment out of previous interests and the smaller things that used to touch and move us.

We lose our value for ourselves and how to appreciate the value in other things. We don’t know where to begin with moving on.

This is the damage that narcissists do to others. It is characteristic of their abuse and has nothing to do with your real value.

It is a slow attack on your very own beautiful spark of life and, concurrently, the toxic and inevitable effect of being involved with a narcissistic individual.

In this video, learn 6 Signs a Narcissist is Diminishing Your Sense of Self and 5 Key Steps to Begin Moving Forward.

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