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55 Weird Ways Narcissists Manipulate You for Control and Attention in Toxic Relationships

55 Weird Ways Narcissists Manipulate You for Control and Attention – True Stories from Real Survivors – Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics

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  • Liesl Wright

    Called fast food restaurants to complain that he was missing a french fry from his order when he had not ordered fries and had not visited a restaurant. I thought this was mean and stupid but kind of funny until I realized he was playing these head games with me as well. He did this with me watching in order to break down my expectations of acceptable behavior. It just got weirder.

  • alcudiababe1

    My narc was always reminding me how old he was compared to me. He would get me to say my age, 17, and tell me his age 22, and ask me where the teen was in 22 and logically thinking I told him there's not and he'd nod and say exactly but I feel like he was using his age to prove his control, like his status of 22, meant something. I think he was basically trying to send the message, I'm older than you, your not, and I'm right and your wrong and there's nothing you can do about it.

  • DonnaLa Fitness

    Sweet, balanced, honey of a girl makes a narc dinner.❤️
    Narc is sooooo jealous of her that he actually PUNISHED her for making him dinner!
    Yelling, screaming, sobbing chasing her around – banging on her door while shouting that she “never makes him dinner.”
    Really? Mr. Narc, is that the best you can do to unbalance her? Ugh.
    These people are nightmares!

  • IsaacJacob's Strength

    He apologized for insulting me. But then, he came back with being so excited for this big bonus I was earning, that he "forgot" we had plans that same day. He was just so thrilled with the money more than the relationship and wanted to seem happy for me but really he withdrew himself from me. In general the happier I am about life or my abilities, the more he comes across with discouraging words and insults.

  • D Gabe

    Very early in the marriage she kept a stray dog (crazy as she was) for exactly 2 days. The stray dog chased cars……. in a very abnormal way. The first day I watched that stray dog chase a car………. head on ! Meaning, the dog literally ran onto the street and ran toward oncoming cars in our subdivision. Neighbors slamming on their brakes with bumpers touching the dogs nose…….neighbors were very annoyed. Of course she (my "N") left me explain. So that evening I suggested she name the dog…."Not For Long". The second day the dog found a way out of the fenced back yard and met a car that didn't stop. Immediately she blamed me ???? Yeah….. true story.

  • Ana Petruska

    here's a good one.. my x narc had a stroke and then, a year later (feb 2018) a heart attack where they put in two stents. he is also diabetic and refuses to eat properly and, at that time, to take his meds properly. 6 weeks after the stents were put in, they failed and he was back in surgery to find that the failure caused the back part of his heart to die. he is on medication to strengthen what's left of his heart to face another surgery. now, there I was, researching and planning and buying and preparing and doing everything I could to make sure he ate right and BAM! His heart disease is now my fault. (i've only lived with him for a bit over a year…) worse yet, he planned behind my back to leave me without so much as a word to me but instead, spent two agonizing weeks refusing to speak to me and acting totally off his rocker while telling everyone what a victim he was and how I used him (after MY cashing in a small pension and paying off some of HIS larger bills). I'd like to believe that his constricted arteries have also constricted his brain but…it doesn't really matter. just the way he is handling his health showed me that he is a person I could never be with again , much less trust.

  • D. Kirk

    Wow! Mine did several of these bizarre acts and more.

    Here’s one, my Narcissist decided to sit on the corner of sofa chair while in the presence of some friends (husband and wife). She decided to grab her breast and shake them up and down, and then bounced down on the seat and said “FU#! me…FU#! me….FU#! me” several times.

    She did this right in front of my friends without any consideration of how embarrassed I was. Imagine how I felt….those friends never came back to the house again.

    Later after I tried to confront her behavior, she told me that I was being to sensitive, and my friends did not see her behavior as problematic at all, and I was raining on her parade.

    Wow! What was I drinking when I met her?

  • Elaine Thomas

    I had all of my household things in storage in his basement. As I was getting ready to move out (without his knowledge) I was getting the boxes ready for the movers. I found "used sexual items" in one of the boxes. I knew he'd been cheating, but OMG GROSS!! After I moved and was unpacking, I found slender knife blades (WTF??) like ones you'd use for an electric carving knife buried at the bottom of the box under some folded sheets. I never owned an electric carving knife and neither did he. That one scared the crap out of me (what had he been planning?!?) and really made me glad I moved while he was out of town. He has no idea where I live now. On the plus side, he's discarded me so completely, I've been free of him for 2 months and not a peep out of him.

  • Layla

    My narc sister sold my stuff I had in storage at her house while I was abroad, when confronted she raged and destroyed her own bedroom. My ex narc told me I was his favourite “ cheerleader” said he will “ always attract amasing people” He also chested but told me I was the one who cheated then went as far as to say we weren’t in a proper relationship anyway so his cheating didn’t matter. I also found out he was logging in to his ex’s email accounts and fb reading her messages all on the same day I found out he cheated.

  • Jon Vila

    Started spending literally 450+ hours a month live streaming on the internet and then left me after 6 years for someone she met online a few weeks beforehand who lived on the other side of the planet.

  • Rebecca Ford

    My narcissistic husband complained about everything! He ran out of complaints and started making up things to complain about. He actually informed the kids and me that he was finding dryer sheets blowing out of the outside dryer vent. WHAT?! Another time, he complained the narrow handled ice tea spoons were being put in the dishwasher flatware unit upside down causing the iced tea spoon handles to fall through the flatware units holes and interrupting the revolving water sprayer arm below. I caught him purposefully placing the iced tea spoons upside down and causing the problem! Another time, he took all the iced tea spoons and hid them from being used. Wacko!

  • Mouse West

    Ive experienced quite a few of these things. He would start a fight with me. Then call my mother, his mother, his exes his sisters and his brothers and my other friends and family and tell them i was crazy. And if any of them called him on his BS he would call them crazy start a fight with them and then expect me to reinflate him.

  • ForJustice &Truth

    Okay has anyone else experienced a narc recording them during weak moments or embarrassing situations just to play it back to you later to invoke a sense of shame or guilt in you for your behavior? My ex did this to me many many times without me even knowing about it and then would play it back to me the next day. I've never in my life met someone who did shit like that… it was so odd. I realized later he was doing it so he could set me up if I ever tried to leave… which he indeed ended up doing. But now hes alone and miserable. Or not alone and still miserable. So who truly cares, narcs are obsessed with "winning" but end up "losing" in the end because they sabotage themselves and all of their relationships just to preserve a facade that isnt even close to reality. What a pointless existence. Lol. Just saying.

  • kristen barrett

    Mine called me abusive because I hit him (playfully) with a pillow, or playfully with a soft open hand when we would play fight. He actually did hit me in the arm one time when we were actually fighting and he constantly argues with me that he didn’t do it and claimed I was abusive because I hit him with pillows and stuff even though the context of the situations were totally different

  • Bridget Dean

    When we were trying to have a baby, 2 months later, I was pregnant. I called him to share the great news and his response was in a computer monotone voice he said, “wow. You’ve been getting a lot of good news lately, haven’t you?” I was so glad I called my sister first because I knew she would be as happy as I was.

  • Cindy Roper

    They are all exactly the same! Since you are listening to Angie, you are the winner! I know because I endured 44+ years of his abuse until I found an honest attorney that brought me out of the fog! Now my ex is shacked up with my younger sister, dead broke, & still blaming me! They never change!

  • TetukraBOA

    my God these guys are weird…
    the narc (I will not claim him with my) After months of not talking to him (he goes to school with me) and ignoring everything he does, if we are in the same classroom and everyone is doing their own thing (for one reason or another people gravitate towards me and always are around me maybe cause its fun to be around me and I allow people to be themselves) so whenever I am being surrounded like this and everyone is having fun he would show up and either try to enter the conversation or he would do something outragoues such as playing super loud screamo music, or randomly hug and kiss his so called girlfriend and make the whole room super awkward.

  • Golden Chellie

    That last one had me all the way confused 😂 this just happened to me like 4 days ago I was pissed but now I’m laughing because when I confronted him about it he just smirked and said “you’re right I should have said something” and then changed the subject.

  • Chris Bragg

    My mom wouldn't argue with herself but she would argue with others for hours under her breath in her room or when she thought no one was looking. She would give my sisters money that she was making a for us to her boy friend who was a chronic alcoholic and complained when they would mistreat her. She got my sister to sign a paper saying my step dad didn't rape her but had me as her witness. Since the cop that questioned me mishandled my testimony the judge through it out of court and my mom had him released and allowed him back into the house where I had to lock my door with butter knives through the casing. She swears up and down that she let him out because she wanted to divorce him but I clearly remember she saying to my sister it's because "I love him". How can you love someone when you know they raped your daughter? She would steal stuff from restaurants. She came home with a salt shaker and an ash tray once.

  • TMI Champ

    my ex claimed to be polyamorous,she was married and her husband had a partner as well as her and she had me,when her husband upset her or something else she would send me photos of herself crying via facebook messenger,some had no tears in them another she actually lay on the floor and cry and even caption it.This freaked me out because if I am that upset the last thing I would think of doing is taking a selfie.

  • Vincisomething

    A few of these happened to me… Silent treatment and guilt trips were their middle names. One time, it said I killed its boner. We didn't have sex. And the day I cut them off, they accused me of calling them racist. When I told them I don't know how they got that, they respond with, "I NEVER SAID THAT, SEND ME RECIEPTS*!"

    Me: /sends screenshots of the texts proving the narc did say that /

    *that slang was never in its vocabulary, but it start copying slang and colloquialisms I used. That thing had no personality so it would try to take others. Is that a narc thing?

  • hello goodbye

    Keep me up all night 'discusing' our arguments was pretty common for me.
    A good one was coming home to find all the photos of us turned around to face the wall.
    Another was having a thing about washing towels with other things.. Apparently its a no no?
    Sleeping fully dressed after a fight to punish me?
    There really are too many to mention.

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