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Let’s be really honest, the narcissist never apologies and when they do it’s with a very hidden agenda. The intent is to win back your love, attention and affection, basically the narcissistic supply! In this video I discuss the varied ways the narcissist apologies! After listening share, like and leave me a comment stating the most common apology you heard from the narc in your life. Thanks for listening!

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  • Jaclyn H

    This is so true, sorry not sorry. Damn! Or okay I'm sorry but you took it the wrong way. They are genuinely not sorry, they just say it to keep the supply. The sarcastic apology is horrible, they might even add in "O I'm sorry, I am such a horrible person. " Anytime someone puts a "BUT" after an apology it dilutes the I'm sorry. Have you watched the Red Table Talk with Dr. Ramani, she talks all about this… Growing up I heard most OMG, you are just so sensitive, not even an apology. That is what has left me feeling so much fear around getting close to people or expressing myself. Just like you said PTSD or even more accurate: PTSR (post traumatic stress response) Mastin Kipp talks all about that on his instagram. Loved your video, thank you so much. <3 Brilliant. <3 Gaslighting is also horrible as well.

  • Jess Hunt

    I love your channel! You talk about real stuff and are so transparent. I like your examples of GOOD apologies. I also like how Ms. Iyanla Vanzant talks about taking ownership that you've hurt someone and apologizing. "Please forgive me for" blah blah blah. Period. No if, ands, or buts!

  • Daresa Ryan

    Yup! Especially if they feel like they need to do damage control and get back to being seen as the perfect person in everyone's eyes. They are more like saying, "I've made myself look really bad, and I can't live with that! Make me feel better about myself again please!" They never ever ever sincerely say, "I'm sorry I hurt you", or, "I was in the wrong and won't do it again". Yuck, yuck, yuck 🤮

  • Shaffiat Folahan

    Sid, you have literally brought tears to my eyes. Both my parents psychologically abused me and my siblings to the point where we/ I would be the ones apologizing to them when they have hurt us/ me. This brought back so many difficult flashbacks from my childhood but I am learning and I know better now. I will no longer apologize for existing within my right! I had just received a backhanded apology from my sister last night where she tried to blame her actions on me. I gray rocked it. Sid, you are AMAZING❤ thank you for your outstanding videos. Peace and love 😊✌

  • Anonymous Follower

    If the narcissists in my family of origin had apologized for anything, I think I would have believed hell really did freeze over. I was the punching bag, the one they felt free to walk all over and treat any horrible way they wanted. But we do recover from this. Listening to how others have gone through the same thing helps validate us. Here it is after thanksgiving and you know what I'm not doing? Waiting on them hand and foot, putting up with their drunkenness, insults, and sabotaging my families peace anyway they can. If at all possible, get away from them forever.

  • L Lakes

    How can someone who never makes mistakes apologize? They believe you are inferior to them so they don't have to apologize for anything they have ever done. These people don't take any responsibility for their actions. Emotionally immature people are trapped in a damaging cycle of life.

  • sleepbaby17

    What's crazy is my narc ex would apologize by saying, "I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention to make you feel that way" but he repeated it so much that I realized it was starting to become his way of excusing his behavior. As long as he didn't "mean" to do it, then he couldn't be held completely accountable, and he could get away with anything.

  • sleepbaby17

    Another my narc ex would use is "you shouldn't feel that way" and I would say, but I do feel that way. "Well you shouldn't," full stop. And I would just sit there in the dead silence like what the hell just happened? And why don't I feel better? And that would be the end of the talk for him. And I was lost on what to respond back without sounding like a broken record.

  • Tony Aquilina

    Can anyone help.
    I can tell my partner something .and she will turn round at some later date.
    And will then say you did not say that.
    Even if someone else will say what happened. She will say to me they never said that.
    Is it a game she plays.
    Done think I can take much more.

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