5 Things You May Not Know About Narcissists *NEW*

In this episode of The Meditations & More podcast, The Little Shaman discusses misconceptions about narcissists.

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Comments (50)

I've never gotten even a phony apology😂lol

i am seeing a bigger picture than what i can wrap my not so stable brain around. My husband is a very very sick man way worse than what i thought.. like you just said I dont want to hear it and i have tried to ignore it but i can not any longer.. you really put it out there i have watched and watched and studied and even went to a so called therapist .. never again.. she made me feel worse than i already do..

I received an apology!!!
It consisted of “I’m sorry if I did something to make you stay away”?
Not owning or realizing what he did…..
so disconnected from reality. Scary!!

I ve been watching your talks . Thankyou. Helped open my eyes. Empath. X

Yes. Arrested development for sure. I agree with that.

I am so sorry for those who are the children of parents that really love them. I also do blame the marijuana and drug culture from the 60's – this has ruined many lives, marriages and families. All addictions are of the devil and it is the devil that is at the root of all their suffering as well as the suffering of those who love them.

Great information!! Thank you!

They don’t understand the simplest of conversations, they’re clueless, it’s very similar to dementia is the reality

This is the clearest and most concise explanation of narcissistic personality disorder that I've discovered so far.

Only narcs Dislike these awesome videos !!…

The one thing worse the a covert or overt narcissist is a alcoholic narcissist. It multiplies the personality dysfunction buy a billion!!! Ask me how i know!! so glad he is my past and no longer a part of my future. If he had never start hs BS on my daughter i may have never seen the light.

A narc would never commit suicide there to selfish it's the ppl they abuse that kill themselfs. Never heard that before.😐 do any one agree.

Wow 7:50! So we'll explained!!! Thank you 🏅

I find myself saying sorry all the time, half the time I didn’t know why the argument would change so much. I was always to blame and so tired of fighting him. He says I’m the Narcissist. I don’t know maybe he is right. Near the end he was always angry with me, the anger was so intense. I was always doubting myself, wanted to say the right things to avoid it. I never did.

Accepting their apology is the same as giving them permission to abuse you again. That is how they see it.

Narcissism are drama people who cause trouble all the time. If you like drama, then living with them would be fine! I personally don't have time to waist my life with kids who looks like disgusting adults but 7yrd in the head forever!

Sad think about them is that may be they are suicidal, but they are so full of hate and anvy to people who love them, they pull that people in death with them…. Just to make last step of hurt… Just leave them, ignore them and never go or look back…. That is just one school what we surviver are lern, I was found out so much about me in my rehabilitacion and there is no way that I cant see red flags enymore…

My ex Narc is being investigated for murdering his new girlfriend. I've only been away from him for 2 months. I got the news a few days ago that he's in jail. She's dead. This is how seriously dangerous things can get with someone with NPD.

Excellent and insightful treatise as usual – but shame? My lifetime exposure to toxic narc types as family and partners leads me to believe they are utterly incapable of feeling any kind of shame. The accepted wisdom is that NPD is a shame-based psychopathology but they do the most hideously shameful things to their victims without remorse or the slightest hint of shame – and they repeat the behaviours relentlessly. I would be so ashamed if I did the heinous things they do to people that the shame would stop me repeating the behaviour – not so with narcs! They are utterly shameless and I don't believe it exists anywhere in their psyche. The shamefully shitty things they do are dumped onto their victims – they own none of it – ever!

They reluctantly apologize when they're caught. Not meaningful.
Omg 10 years . My divorce should be final next week. Praying

Little Shaman I am so glad you are back, when you disappeared and all your videos were gone I was shocked and very heart broke, and over that. I'm glad that you're back. I don't know what happened doesn't matter I'm glad you're back thank you! For all your hard work you've helped me so much!!!

They NEVER kill the root cause of the problem instead they try to find solutions to the problem!

…some of these traits I have from being raised by a Narcissist mother although Im more on the "empathic" side. Great information thank you

I always got an apology but never changed behavior 🤣

Never happy for my successes (pretend to be). Never liked me having friends who showed they cared (had to say something negative about them). Never had and compassion when i was recovering from life saving surgery (At least I didnt have Cancer). Always caused arguments when in social settings (but blamed me for whatever caused the argument). Abandoned me several times, including once abroad on holiday. Let me down by getting so drunk he couldnt be here for me ever, including the day before moving house, so I had to make an appeal for someone to help me move, (then the two men who helped me move house only did it because they wanted to get me into bed)! I could go on forever with behaviours, 10 years of it. More fool me!

great spirit?….. did you go somewhere and acquire some facts…a short journey? do you know?

Get this I got gaslit with gaslighting I was told gaslighting wasn't real 😂 good one

Is “I’m sorry, I don’t wanna fight!” and nothing else ever, well is that really a true apology????? No it’s not!!! I have asked why are you sorry akd it’s always been “I just don’t wanna fight”…….. Of course you don’t….., it makes one feel uncomfortable. Duh! Lol!!!! Poor poor narcs! That would suck to be so miserable and insecure all your life that you have to hurt others to even feel “good enough”. Sad

You have given such great information. TY

Wow.. you described my wife to the letter. I have been in a 10 year relationship and have seen these signs. Until a year ago I thought there was only one type of narcissist (grandiose). However I knew there were deep rooted narcissistic traits in her. I would categorize her as a self loathing narcissist. That lead my to find out that there are covert/vulnerable narcissist. She is the textbook example. We are trying counseling to avoid divorce. I have serious doubts it will be successful due to her profound lack of insight. She will never except that she has it or allow herself to take a hit to her ego.

The one I have dealt with is definitely a mix.When he would say or do something to hurt one of our children’s feelings, I would have to take him aside and explain why he needed to go talk to our child. I would have to beg him because he didn’t believe he did anything wrong. Then I would have to tell him exactly what to say to our child. My child told me that he apologized but they didn’t feel that he really meant it.. I cannot believe that I was so confessed and allowed myself to stay in that marriage for as long as I did. I wasted years of my life with him and allowed my children to grow up in the toxic environment. I felt so stuck and I could not think clearing it was awful.

Thank you! Your explanation and delivery is unlike any I’ve heard but 100% accurate! I’ve only recently began to grasp and understand narcissism- I’ve been married for 20, experiencing everything you’ve described. There’s so much hatred out there, towards narcissists (and understandably so), but the childlike nature, vulnerability, and attempt at complete self-deception that they are experiencing within, is rarely discussed.. So, thank you for putting this out there. I’m looking forward to watching more of your videos:-)

Better to have loved and lost than to live w a Narcissist the rest of your life! 💯

My wife is. A. Total BS Bc Narc.. sadly ! I did nit see this of course at the start but shame on me .. because I knew for sure she was a narc when I said “ I do” .. the outlandish things she does for no reasonable reason but of course has an answer for it when called out and I am that guy who will point out everything.. to hear that she is not able to love me.. really is hard to believe… trying to get a simple “ I’m sorry” is insane and I do mean I never ever get one… just sweep it under the rug!! Going to marriage counseling is promised but never followed up on

To be honest, this makes me very sad. I met a guy almost a year ago who i noticed i had a strong connection with. The connection was like nothing I've ever felt, it drove me crazy. He'd do things that drove me crazy, i thought something was wrong with him. I talked to a legit psychic about it. Turns out he's my oldest romantic soulmate. Incarnated over 20 lives together, and he reads as a narcissist (as she put it) 😁 and I'm an empath (but of course) I denied it at first but upon reflection and learning about narcissism, indeed he is. It makes me sad. I love him so much, and to know he'll live a life of sadness, pain, and struggle, it truly breaks my heart.

they curse themselves because of how they treat other people and how they deceive. its very sad how some people enable this sickness

Another great educational video. Thank you!

I’d like to know what can happen when a narc married a empath/ (INFJ )

Great insights – thanks for confirming!

LittleShaman you are truly awesome. It's very true they undermine themselves. My Narc wife (Now irrevocably separated) of twenty-eight years has caused us to lose over twenty acres of Land in the most fertile place in Kenya but she is still engaged in the same conflict that brought us down. How I wish I had known of these podcasts ten years ago.

" But, what have you done for me lately? "

Flabbergasted does not do justice to my reaction.

From the million videos I’ve seen from thousands of channels you have the best ever understanding of the narcissistic person nature and the most IN DEPTH knowledge of the topic that blows my mind away. This is just fascinating. Thank you! You really helped me! God bless you!!!!!!!!!! Little shaman!

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