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3 Narcissistic Habits That Destroy Relationships

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Today I share three narcissistic signs that the guy you’re with will end up hurting you.



  • Rockgirl256

    Narcissisme is a person who is like vampire sucking all the life of you. My sister is dating one and she knows it now but she won't acknowledge it and still treat him like a hurt puppy. 😑 I tried everything to help but she won't listen or get the help 😑

  • Julie B

    My ex sexually assaulted me and brushed it off like it was nothing. He said it was an honest mistake but truth came out that he knew what he was doing and took advantage of my inexperience and the situation. He thought he was entitled to sex and after the assault he tried to atone but I couldn't forgive him but he felt entitled to forgiveness. He took every nice thing he did that was just normal, expected behavior in a relationship and used that to guilt me into forgiving him. He would tell me I was mistaken for wanting to leave and that what we had was love. He didn't accept my boundaries, physically or emotionally, and it was so toxic. He broke me down and made me think I was less than I actually was.

    Typing this all out, you'd think it would be obvious to just leave, but Stockholm syndrome and trauma bonding are real. I loved the good parts of him and I resented the abusive parts. It took so much strength to leave but I'm glad it's over. He lied about being sorry, lied about a bunch of things, so it's easier to move on because I don't believe he actually respected me, loved me or is capable of love.

    I want nothing but good, healthy, loving relationships. Bern, I'd like to thank you for helping me leave that relationship and for teaching us how to find the love we deserve.

  • maria mistretta

    Been through that last year, So avoid, narrastic men. Narrastic men are evil doesn't understand, boundaries. Fake man, who manipulate men. Sounds alot like him. Narrastic men treat women like children. A narrastic man doesnt care of love. A narrastic man is evil.
    Walk away from narrastic man. Since the narrastic man away been free for the Frist time, screw narrastic men. So move on….
    Force on my life don't give a dam of the past.

  • Lucelle Omanga

    Hi bern,i always watching your video advice, actually this video clip that i just finish watching,was all exact my ex boyfriend did to me, we just broke up this morning, after 6 years relationship with him, i cannot stand and stay evrything his doing to me, watching you this video is a kindda relief to me to understand everything what his doing…thank you bern your the best and more power to you..

  • DJ Touray

    Bern thank you so much. I am divorced from a narcissist and I have his child. Our son is now 9 and is starting to see him as he is, but still wants to have contact. Can you please do another video about how to cope long term with separating from or divorcing a narcissist when you have their kids? I want to protect my son as much as possible, especially as he has Autism and ADHD & is very vulnerable. Thanks xx🙏🏾❤️

  • Katrina Tapang

    This was so insightful and true 🙁 demanding information you weren’t comfortable disclosing, pressuring you to be exclusive when you aren’t ready, guilt tripping you into more intimacy, yelling because watching a movie with a scene of “topless actors” was meant to hurt him, yelling because somehow loving Korean food means you still want your Korean ex from years ago, calling you awful and vulgar names to see when youll snap and finally react, blocking you to “punish” you for not doing what he said, purposely flirting with other women as more punishment, “taking things away” or withholding affection as more punishment, telling you that no one would ever want you because you’re unlovable, and that you’re lucky he’s kind enough to love you.. like narcissists actually exist and it’s so painful and hurtful. It’s hard but always walk away, especially when you know something in your gut is telling you to. 😭🙏

  • New Earth

    Bern, thank you so much for this video. ❤ I have suffered living with a narcissist before, and I was able to share this with a friend who is going through this now with a man who has "the dial turned up to 20." Hopefully this video will help others see the red flags before they're in too deep. Very much appreciate your efforts!

  • Pretti Nappy

    This is what I’m going through right now. Before him I was the most confident person you knew. Now I can’t even get myself to go get a job because his narcissism has taken a huge toll on my self worth. We live together and ever since early in our relationship, he’s been manipulating me and I didn’t realize it until now. I have really bad anxiety ever since I’ve been with him. He always accuses me of wanting to leave him for someone better and that it’s not that he’s “insecure”, he just “loves” me and I look really good. This is what he blames his insecurities on. I can’t go out with a friend without him asking me if I’m going to be meeting up with a guy or if I’d let sex happen with another guy. I tell him I don’t want to be with him and he completely ignores me when I say that. He insists that he loves me and cannot stand the thought of us not being together anymore because he’d have “no life” without me. He threw a tantrum when I told him I’m going out, because he wanted to be there too. I thought that this was because he loved me but now I know that it’s because he’s a narcissist.

    It’s so scary being in a relationship with one. The look in his eyes when I go against him or tell him I’m done is very very terrifying. I can see the anger in his eyes, it’s like being in a nightmare.

  • Kimberly Galanti

    Wow…just broke up with him…literally just…because he displayed these traits…they hurt…for too long…too many conversations or rather, attempt at conversations, telling him how his actions and words made me feel…and he never ever took responsibility for anything he said or did that hurt…i just couldnt take it anymore…now the wd starts…then that glorious feeling of getting back to being me!
    Be strong…but if you cant….its ok…find a support team for yourself…its important with these traits to not go it alone.

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