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"The Fastest Way To Build Self-Confidence"

"The Fastest Way To Build Self-Confidence"

In her video “The Fastest Way to Build Self-Confidence”, Dr.Sharon Melnick shares the secrets of her research at Harvard Medical School as to why people get in their own way. Send an email – ask questions and tell me your suggestions for other topics that you would like to be covered in new upcoming videos if you’re on Twitter – Follow me: Discover more about how you too can build Self-Confidence… Sign up for one of her coaching sessions live…

Chanting the Chakras - www.thespiritconnect.com

Chanting the Chakras – www.thespiritconnect.com

Get more Healing Music & Sounds – Visit for more New Age Videos, Articles and Discussion on Meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Accupuncture, Qi-Gong In Hinduism and its spiritual systems of yoga and in some related eastern cultures, as well as in some segments of the New Age movement — and to some degree the distinctly different New Thought movement – a chakra is thought to be an energy node in the human body. The word comes from the Sanskrit “cakra” meaning…