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#1 “Red Flag” The Man You Are Dating Is A Narcissist

If you’re still watching this video it means something.

It means you’re an ambitious woman who’s willing to take action to improve your dating life. Let’s not discount just how different you are.

Because let’s face it, there are so many women out there who are frustrated with their dating lives…but do nothing to try and change their situation. I talk about those women in almost every video – the ones who hate men.

And don’t get me wrong, some men are terrible.

But we both know there ARE high-quality men out there, and there IS a quality man for you.

Someone who will fufill your deepest desires and truly make you happy without you needing to change yourself or pretend to be something you’re not.

In fact, authentic attraction is what I teach – and in a lot of ways, makes my dating methods so much different from all those other so-called gurus.

Frankly, I detest the majority of those charlatans, and that’s why I want to try something special for this video.

This is the first time I’ve ever done this before, but I think it may just change the lives of a few women who see this video…so I’m willing to take a risk.

Here’s the deal, if you truly are an ambitious woman and you resonate with my message, then I want to do everything in my power to help you achieve the relationship that you desire.

That’s why I’m going to open up access to one of my presentations that is never available to the public.

In fact, I’ve never before made this specific presentation available on YouTube or ANYWHERE other than to a private list of my email subscribers once before.

I put a link to this video’s description, where you can access it while I keep it online… but honestly, this is a test and I reserve the right to take it down at any moment.

I really only want to reach my true fans – the ambitious women in this YouTube audience who are willing to invest in themselves to improve their dating life.

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Anyway – Thanks so much for being my loyal viewer. It honestly means the world to me and my family that this tribe of Ambitious Women is growing so much and turning into such a powerful movement.

I can’t tell you how amazing that feels. I hope to see you in the special presentation – have an amazing day.




  • TCTtreble

    How about telling women to love themselves first that way they will know how to love someone else… Men always putting the onus on women to do this and do that and if she doesn't "attract" a good quality man then something is wrong with her and she needs to change what about the men going around destroying other people's daughters… How about teach these disgusting men to be High quality men … I'm just annoyed right now relationship will improve once we start teaching people to love themselves and then extending that love to other persons

  • palehoney79

    having survived a narc, i have to disagree with one point: narcissists do not have high esteem. it's actually the opposite — they have no self esteem and no self love, which is why they depend so much on external validation, to fulfill our natural desire for love. i would say they are even obsessed with it. they manipulate people to get an emotional response from them, even if it is bad (just think of a "terrible" little child who acts out because they don't get enough attention). they are basically rotten little kids who throw tantrums. that's why they have to "overcompensate", to act all cocky, but it's just a mask. it's not self confidence at all. sad, right?

  • Tanya Diego

    I called someone a narcissist two weeks ago and he got really upset to the point where he stopped talking to me. Now that you explained that a narc is never considerate, I may have made a mistake. Thanks for the clarification.

  • LoveofVelvet

    Hey there, i think it's extremely hard to definitely identify a narcissist. We are not mind readers and it's increadibly hard to define what is just someone who might have served themselves in that moment (Don't we all do that on some low level way??) Or he's just ouright selfish and narcissistic.
    I also think it's hard to distinct from just someone arrogant or very self confident to narcissistic…. how do you do that???

    As I've heard said before, from some psychoanalyst, we all have some level of narcissism going on.
    So it's really hard to determine who is truly one and who is…. i donno, just not exactly a narcissist!!!

  • Goodwill Bunny

    Thank you for alerting us to look for these characteristics. I think this is a very important topic and I'm glad that you started the discussion. Keep up the good work. I know 2 narcissists that have caused pain but have no regret. They do not take responsibility. Instead, they fix the blame on others around them. And they do not change. They just move on to new relationships. (Grandma Bunny in Phoenix, AZ).

  • Belly Button Lint

    Love this! It's simple and a good test. It came just at the right time too. I was just reading 2 books last night written by HG Tudor. He lists traits but many non narcs can have those traits from time to time. Jason gives a good benchmark test in this video. Bravo sir and thank you!

    HGs books are fascinating for anyone who wants to research this more and understand narcissism better.

  • Whispering Wind

    Great video and yes a good way to tell.
    My # 1 way for me to tell now is they do not care in the slightest how u feel or what u say.
    They immediately will dismiss, ignore what u say and turn the conversation back to them.
    Quickest red flag for me.
    On a date just listening, pay attn if they just talk about themselves, accomplishments, how great they are and see if they even inquire about u or listen to ur thoughts and views.
    Run away from being sucked into their trap of deception asap, nothing but misery will follow.

  • Merly Costa

    I have a question. What is it is the opposite? They say like "my p…s is very small, or bring attention to something negative, rather? And if they say they have a small member and talk about been nude most of the time? Like they like to be in nude camp or beach? True story.. Thanks for your videos. It has helped me a lot to understand men and myself.

  • Pearl White

    There are also very modest narks who don't care about cloths or cars or anything. They are not even arrogant. What you should pay attention to is your health. if you are getting sick from different illnesses you didn't have prior to the relationship, watch out. Your body is always telling you whats happening on the inside. If you are putting weight on in a relationship, its a bad sign too.

  • Rachel Bertschy

    You meet someone you both are attracted to one another and you ask the question what are we after being intimate and they say just trying to get to know one another that my last relationship took me 8 months before we where an actual thing

  • Norms Last Daughter

    I’m sorry, but the expertise my ex had for grooming me, managed to hide his self serving motives for over 8 years. When he slipped up in even the slightest way he would cry and ask me to help him be a better human being, which I did because I loved his 'humble heart'. In the grooming phase they are brilliant at making you feel like a Queen. Then one day I was less supportive of him than he expected and it all changed. That day he decided he’d finished with me and the 5 year discard began. And so did the gaslighting. He hid food, dishes, car keys…..he took over every aspect of our lives. He always drove. He was the only one who knew how to load the dishwasher well. He did all the washing because I was too tired. Or I was sick. I wasn’t, but he’d convince me I was. He hid my underwear. He made even the simplest task incredibly difficult to do because half of what I needed to do the task was missing. He now became the only person in the relationship who could determine what our 'normal' was. What was 'true'. Because he was now holding all the information on our lives. I couldn’t get out of bed to brush my teeth after 5 years of this low grade torture. And I was left with only 2 emotions……sadness and blood curdling rage. So, I promise you, if they don’t want their narcissism detected, it won’t be until the discard phase. And if you do detect a red flag, they will explain it away with dexterity, the likes of which you’ve never seen. They know how to gracefully fall on their sword because, more important than them looking good, is them keeping you in their control while they’re grooming and discarding you. In my experience, if, before you met this person, you were confident, adept and managing your life well but now you’re doubting your own capabilities, know that it’s because your solid roots are being eaten out from under you by a narc who’s sole purpose is to see you fall. Because that’s what makes him feel all powerful. It’s all about the power. Not him looking good. It truly goes that deep in them.

  • Mark Able

    Let us not omit the motivations of narcissistic women, whom have adopted the intentions and skill sets from narcissistic men, to feed their fawners influence of how grandiose and special they are. My common denominator with narcissistic abuse is the debilitating lack of empathy through that persons language, actions, and ultimate internal reality in relating. Female narcissism presents even more power of influence if she is sexually attractive. People who are fawning for both men or women influencers need to take a disidentified perspective, an objective perspective before they involve their life with these individuals.

  • L P

    I believe a person's reaction to something that could inconvenience them is the biggest factor. Specially if you have nothing to offer to them; no praise,no money, no sex… no fuel! a true altruistic person will give or do something for sake of doing it; a narc will do to tie you in on unspoken contract or expectations. I disagree with the "strong passion for something aspect" cause an Aspie might display those traits or any passionate or excited person might a little out of hand when expressing feelings about their favorite subject. Video needs improvement!

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